Itchy eyes can cause a lot of botheration in one?s daily activities. The clinical terminology for itchy eyes is Ocular Pruritus and there are various causes for the same. Almost every individual faces complaints of itchy eyes at some point during their lifetime.

What is an Eye irritation and what are its indications?

Eye irritation as the name suggests is the affection of the eyes caused mostly due to some form of an irritant that might be an allergen. The signs and symptoms involve:

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling of structures in and around the affected eye
  • Burning sensation /and Pain
  • Watering of eyes
  • Trauma
  • Blurring of vision or appearance of spots/ flashes in front of the eyes

Why does it occur?

There are many reasons as to why eye irritation occurs. The cause might range from something very simple to some of the most complex reasons.

  • Allergies caused due seasonal changes, or when foreign particles enter one?s eye like pollen, animal dander, some dust/ fumes, cosmetics and even one?s own eyelash or contact lenses.
  • Infection of the eyes that cause a red eye better known as conjunctivitis that causes itching, burning, stinging, swollen eyes, watering that might be contagious if it?s viral or bacterial.
  • A broken blood vessel caused by straining or rubbing the eyes
  • Trauma to the eye can cause redness and swelling
  • Certain ophthalmological conditions cause eye irritation such as blepharitis, trachoma and so on.

Preventing Itchy eyes

  • Prevention of itchy eyes that are caused due to allergy are easy, one must simply avoid the allergen.
  • Wearing safety goggles to prevent any allergen coming in contact with the eyes.
  • Contact your ophthalmologist for any irritation related to usage of contact lens
  • Keeping your surroundings clean
  • Taking a shower after going out that might have adhered to your body

Treating the condition

Patients generally buy OTC medicines (anti allergen), drops and use it for the relief of eye irritation. Applying a cold cloth over the eyes can reduce symptoms of itchiness temporarily. One must not rub his/her eyes as it releases histamines that worsen the itching. It is bothersome to suffer from an eye irritation. Allergic reactions reduce symptoms of eye irritation within a span of 24 hours. But other conditions of the eye may require medical attention.

Doliosis D4 Opthacare is a Homoeopathic product that reduces redness, itching, burning, watering of eyes and pains associated with eye irritation. There is relief from infection of the eyes. It treats the condition from the source harmlessly, without causing any side effects. It is easy to take this product and also it can be consumed with other medicines, for all age groups.