Is Homoeopathy a validated Science?
Yes, definitely. Homoeopathy is a proven science. In India there is a Governmental body named AYUSH (Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha Homoeopathy) for the same along with other alternative systems of medicine. The system of Homoeopathy was invented by Dr Christian Fredrich Samuel Hahnemann who was a German Physician practicing the conventional system of medicine. The System is based upon the Law of Similars.
Are Homoeopathic Medicines slow to act and are used only for Chronic Diseases?
This is purely a misconception. Homeopathic medicines work very efficiently if chosen correctly for many conditions ranging from acute to chronic. This mindset is brought in due to the fact that many people try conventional treatment at first and then when nothing works they resort to Homoeopathic Medication. Hence mostly treatment is obtained for chronic cases.
Are they too many Dietary restrictions while taking Homoeopathic Medicines? Why so?
There are not many Dietary restrictions while taking Homoeopathy. Most Homoeopathic Practitioners ask their patients to avoid any strong odor especially that of camphor, and they also ask them not to consume raw onion, garlic, and coffee. This is because Camphor is the universal antidote for Homoeopathic medicines and even coffee antidotes many Homoeopathic medicines.
Are there any side effects of Homoeopathic Medicines?
Since Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed in minimal doses they practically do not have any side effects.