Lowered libido is a cause of major concern for many individuals. While it occurs in many, people do not talk about it. Many a time, either of the partners is frustrated and is unable to find a solution to this lasting problem because it feels embarrassing to discuss such tribulations to anyone.

Causes for lowered Libido

There are various reasons for diminished libido. Lowered levels of hormones are a major factor in causing a lowered libido. For males, it is the male hormone (Testosterone) and vice versa for females (Estrogen and Progesterone) Understanding the actual cause will help in achieving a better libido. Causes of lowered hormonal levels are:

  • Sugary foods can cause an imbalance in sex hormones. This occurs because sugary foodstuff is devoid of nutrients and requires a lot of insulin to break down the sugars. This, in turn, results in lowered sex hormones. Also, foodstuff containing Trans fat do the same job and lower the hormonal level resulting in a lowered libido.
  • Alcohol and Smoking contribute to the disruption of hormones in the blood causing a lowered libido. This occurs as the liver is affected (Due to alcohol) and is unable to flush out the toxins. Cigarette smoke builds up toxins in the blood and also is known to narrow down blood vessels. Thus, there?ll be a decreased libido.
  • Using Oral contraceptive pills causes a lowered libido because artificial hormones taken in the form of these pills upset the normal synthesis of the same hormones in the body. Also, other pills such as antidepressants and anti-seizure medication are known for reducing libido.
  • Too much exercise can make you extremely tired and lower your libido. This is due to the elevation of cortisol levels that are directly linked to lowered levels of testosterone. However, an exercise in moderation has shown to improve testosterone levels.
  • Stress not only reduces libido but also reduces the enthusiasm for living a healthy life. Increased stress amounts to raised cortisol levels that lower your sex hormones thereby causing a lowered libido.

Other causes that lead to lowered libido are pain during an intercourse, medical illnesses such as cancer; surgery of the genital tract, psychological causes (past negative experience) and relationship problems.

Ways to Improve Performance and Increase Libido

Everybody wants the best and hence we try to improve ourselves in every aspect. In order to increase Libido following steps can be taken:

  • Eating foods that improve your libido such as onion, garlic, bananas, chillies, Omega 3 Fatty acids, Vitamin B1 and eggs.
  • Exercising daily will regulate hormonal levels effectively.
  • Stop smoking and avoid alcohol.
  • If men are suffering from erectile dysfunction, it would require appropriate treatment.
  • Reducing stress will help increase libido in people.

Finding the real cause of lowered libido and taking care of it will help anybody improve positively. Lowered libido is a very common problem nowadays. Hence, know that you are not alone. If required speak to your partner and if medical attention is required it is better to seek for it.

Treating the condition using Homoeopathy

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