Gulping down, loads of alcohol is much easier than gulping down the thought of leaving it once and for all. Alcohol is so very addictive that is seems impossible to leave it once you start drinking. Hangovers can be very irritating and make you feel sick in your head and gut! It doesn?t let you work in the morning after a night party.

What exactly is a Hangover????

A Hangover is what people experience after a very heavy drinking that usually happens the next day after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, sleeping and waking up. It can last for over 24 hours.

Typical symptoms of a Hangover are:

  • A Headache with bloodshot eyes
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Dizziness with sensitivity to light and sound
  • Sleepy, tired and confused
  • Body ache
  • Diarrhea with or without flatulence
  • Thirsty with bad breath and increased salivation
  • Feeling sick and nauseated
  • Trembling of limbs

Apart from Physical symptoms, there might be mental symptoms such as increased anxiety, irritability, being moody, regret, feeling embarrassed and depressed about consuming alcohol. Also, if the person did not have adequate sleep the hangover might be worse.

Why does a hangover occur?

Though the exact mechanism is poorly understood, a hangover is caused by excessive alcohol drinking leading to dehydration (increased urine production thereby leading to dehydration), metabolic acidosis, increased levels of acetaldehyde (increased inflammatory response from the immune system). The nausea is caused by an increased acid content in the stomach that causes irritation of the stomach lining. Expansion of the blood vessels leads to headaches. They also make our blood sugar level fall down leading to fatigue and other symptoms.

Say goodbye to Hangovers

The only possible way to bid goodbye to Hangovers is by bidding goodbye to alcohol forever. However, if you are currently facing a hangover some things can be done to help:

  • Keep your sugars in the normal limit by eating foods like crackers that are easy on your stomach and also raise blood sugar.
  • Replenish the fluids that were lost in dehydration due to alcohol by drinking plenty of water or natural fruit juices.
  • Sleep adequately. It helps in recovering from a hangover.

Above all, quitting alcohol is the only solid solution. If it cannot be done so, drinking should be done in moderation. And between each drink, water consumption will help to stay hydrated and consume lesser alcohol.

Treatment in Homoeopathy

In order to treat hangovers homeopathically, using Doliosis D82 Hang-O will help. It helps to relieve symptoms like the heaviness of head, body ache and loss of appetite as seen due to ill effects of alcohol consumption. It can be used for all ages safely, without any side effects. Also, it can be taken easily along with other medication.