In today?s world, where the environment is polluted right from food to air, we need to be vigilant in taking care of our health. Because every little thing is polluted, our blood also will be filled with toxins which need to be flushed out from our system periodically. Our body is designed to do the job naturally. However, due to the increased level of toxins in the environment and our unhealthy lifestyle, our body is unable to remove the toxic waste effectively.

What is purifying of blood and why is it essential?

Purifying blood chiefly means the removal of toxic waste that is accumulated in the blood. Accumulation of toxic waste in the blood can cause various blood dyscrasias.

Normally, blood is the transport media for oxygen and nutrients. It also is the media for transporting waste to the organs that treat such waste (Liver and kidneys). It does this job all by itself but, after a long period of doing this job; the blood itself gets impure due to the accumulation of toxic waste.

By purifying the blood, one can get rid of the toxic waste that is accumulated in the blood, after which the person feels more healthy and revitalized. By purifying our blood we can avail health benefits, such as

  • Reduction of harmful substances such as excessive cholesterol
  • Improved functioning of the brain and psychological issues
  • Improved immunity and better strength to fight diseases
  • Prevent diseases involving tumor formation by reducing the effect of free radicals.
  • Enhances the functioning of organs that process the waste (Liver, kidneys, Digestive tract) resulting in better excretion.
  • It replenishes the Iron when purifying is accompanied by a healthy diet, thereby improves circulation. Thus the Oxygen and nutrients reach tissues more effectively.
  • If the blood is clean, the skin feels much healthier and there are lesser pimples. One can feel his/her skin glowing and smooth.
  • You would feel healthier and younger. Purifying blood retards aging of tissues.

Ways to enhance purification of blood…

Maintaining a healthy and an active lifestyle is the key to stay fit and healthy and also keep your blood functioning effectively.

  • Foods that are known to purify blood are Fruits such as apple, pear, guava; Vegetables such as dark green leafy vegetables; Lemon, Garlic, Turmeric, Oats, Wheat bran, Nuts.
  • Drinking ample of water will not only dilute toxins but also will flush them out and enhance the functioning of Kidneys.
  • Exercising regularly will reduce lethargy and when you sweat it out you flush out toxins via sweat.
  • Yoga will stimulate organs to function better, and meditation will relieve stress that is a major source of illness today

Treating the condition

Doliosis D52 Haemoclean is a Homoeopathic product that is natural and safe for usage. It helps to eliminate the toxicity of the circulatory system and aids in improving the condition related to impure blood. This product has no side effects and is easy to consume. It can be taken with other medicines, for all age groups.