Oral problems such as toothaches can be very painful at times. For some there might be pains that come off and on or might be continuous whilst others may experience sensitivity while having something cold or sweet. For some eating or drinking may worsen the pain that is usually experienced as a sharp pain while others experience a throbbing pain. Gum diseases give rise to a dull pain. Whatever may be the cause or the type of pain, it is a menace and everybody wants relief.

What are Toothaches & Gum Infections?

  • A toothache, as the name suggests, is the pain associated with one or many teeth.
  • Gum infections can range from Gingivitis (inflammation of gums) to Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

Why does it occur?

Toothaches have many reasons that may be further classified as dental and non-dental causes. Dental causes are

  • Toothaches, caused by Abscessed or decayed tooth.
  • A fracture of the tooth
  • A filling that is destroyed during wear and tear
  • Over usage of the teeth in situations like chewing a gum continuously
  • Infected gums
  • Dentin Hypersensitivity

Non-dental causes:

  • Maxillary sinusitis
  • Angina Pectoris

Gum infections happen chiefly due to the bacterial growth that is due to:

  • Poor oral Hygiene
  • Family history of dental problems
  • Illness that may be chronic in nature or immunodeficiency
  • Certain type of Medication
  • Bad habits such as smoking
  • Hormonal changes

Periodontitis which is commonly known as Gum disease commences with bacterial development in the gums. Initially, when the plaque builds up, it causes the gums to bleed. This is the early stage of gingivitis that gradually progresses to Periodontitis if left untreated. In this phase, the gums move away from the teeth and the empty places left between gums and teeth are filled with debris that gets infected. When these bacteria build up they start breaking down the connective tissue that holds the gums to the teeth thereby loosening up of the teeth and causing it to fall out from the socket.

Symptoms of Toothaches and Gum diseases

Symptoms of Toothaches are common:

  • Tooth pain
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Fever/ and headaches especially in younger individuals
  • Bad taste in the mouth that might be due to discharge

Symptoms of Gum diseases are:

  • Bleeding gums on brushing
  • Red swollen and tender gums
  • Bad breath
  • Gums that recede
  • Pocket formation and loosening of teeth
  • Changes in fitting of teeth



  • First and foremost principle of any dental disease is maintaining oral hygiene. We have been taught about Oral Hygiene right from childhood. It involves daily brushing of teeth twice with a fluoride-containing toothpaste, flossing once and using a mouthwash daily once to kill the bacteria effectively.
  • Smoking and Tobacco usage must be stopped to prevent any Gum or oral disease.
  • Having a well-balanced diet
  • Prevent any form of stress
  • Get away from over grinding of teeth (too much chewing of gum)
  • At least an annual dental check-up and professional cleaning must be done

Treating the condition

OTC medicines are commonly purchased for the relief of toothaches and some OTC gels/ mouth rinse for gingivitis. However, though these may provide an instant relief they are not permanently effective.

Doliosis D12 Teeth & Gums, a Homoeopathic product is principally aimed at permanent toothache relief and reduces symptoms of gum infection. Apart from that, it aids in reducing symptoms of the sensitivity of teeth and gums. There are no side effects upon the use of this medicine. It is easy to take this product and also it can be consumed with other medicines, for all age groups.