Our heart is designed to pump blood to all the parts of the body. It works right from the fetal stage till death. With the lifestyle and the environment affecting us, many individuals suffer from high blood pressure and other heart problems.

Functioning of the Heart

As said, our heart is as good as a pumping machine that pumps blood to the entire body via the circulatory system providing the necessary nourishment and oxygen to all the tissues; this is done by a complex mechanism coupled with electrical stimulation to the heart (which is done by the pacemaker cells). Our heart is made up of muscles that are involuntary in nature. This means the pumping mechanism is not under our control.

Our heart is divided into 4 chambers namely right and left atria, right and left ventricles. Deoxygenated blood is received to the Right Atrium from all parts of the body and is pumped into the Right Ventricle. From here the blood is carried to the Lungs for the purpose of oxygenation. The oxygenated blood from the Lungs enters the Left Atrium then to the Left Ventricle from where it is pumped to the entire body.

About Hypertension

Before understanding Hypertension or high blood pressure, let us first discover what blood pressure is. Blood pressure as the name suggests is the pressure that is applied by the blood against the wall of the arteries. When the heart beats the pressure is the most which is called as systolic pressure, and when it rests between the beats it is called diastolic pressure. Normal Blood Pressure is 120/80mmHg and High Blood Pressure is above 140/90mmHg.

High blood pressure or Hypertension does not usually have symptoms unless it is sudden or very high. However, it can cause severe troubles such as heart failure, heart attack, stroke or renal failure.

Causes of Hypertension

Hypertension are of two types i.e. Primary (Essential Hypertension) and Secondary (Occurring due to Kidney disease or due to medication)

Though there is no specific cause for Hypertension there are risk factors associated with it. They are:

  • Family History- A person is more susceptible to High blood pressure if there is a family history.
  • Age- Older persons are more likely to have this problem
  • Ethnicity- Asians and Africans are more commonly affected.
  • Obese people are more likely susceptible to developing a High Blood Pressure.
  • Lifestyle- An inactive lifestyle can give rise to Hypertension.
  • Food- Increased salt and fat intake can lead to High Blood pressure.
  • Smoking and Alcohol both significantly increase the Blood pressure.
  • Diseases such as Diabetes and Psoriasis are linked to Hypertension
  • Pregnancy can also cause high blood pressure in many women.

Hypertension is classified under lifestyle diseases. Meaning they fall under a group of diseases that are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle which includes unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol and so on.

Protecting Your Heart

Once you have learnt that Hypertension has set in a few precautions and care can help you live a better life.

  • Reducing salt intake- Salt is known to increase blood pressure hence its reduction in daily food can help a person reduce blood pressure. Not only reducing salt but also reducing salty food and food with preservatives is a must.
  • Stop smoking as smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow thereby increase blood pressure. Not only that, it also thickens the walls of the vessels making it difficult to pump blood further leading to various complications.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Regular Alcohol consumption is known to have increased blood pressure
  • Eating healthy is important and eating food that comprises more of natural foods can help reduce blood pressure.
  • Exercise is also very essential in maintaining a normal blood pressure
  • Above all stress being a major factor must be reduced as much as possible.

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