What are Boils and why do they crop up?

A boil or a furuncle is a bump on the skin that appears swollen, red and is painful. Boils crop up as a result of infection of the hair follicles or the sebaceous gland. They can crop up anywhere in the body.

The main reason for the occurrence of boils is Bacterial affection and the bacterium involved is called Staphylococcus. Other reasons for boils to occur are

  • Ingrown hair that can get infected
  • A foreign body lodged in the skin
  • Clogging of a sebaceous gland
  • Maintaining a poor hygiene
  • Family history
  • A poor immune functioning that occurs in individuals suffering from HIV, Diabetes, Malnourishment and Alcoholism.

Boils that collate in groups are termed as carbuncles. Carbuncles usually come up in people suffering from Diabetes and other immunocompromised individuals.

Outcomes of a Boil

The boil as mentioned earlier begins as reddish, hard and a painful part that turns into a lump and progresses into a bigger size gets filled with pus and becomes more painful. The pus may drain out naturally or might require a surgical intervention. Other outcomes of a boil are:

  • Fever with palpable lymph nodes
  • The skin around it might also get affected becoming painful leading to the formation of more boils.
  • Occurrence of newer boils and more painful boils

If the boil does not heal by itself and causes newer symptoms it is the right time to visit a doctor.

Looking after Boils at Home

Boils can be taken care of at home. Certain precautions can also be carried out in order to prevent the spread of boils. The bacteria involved can be contagious.

  • Do not fiddle with the boil and let it be the way it is. Pinching, pulling and breaking may cause further infection and deepen the problem.
  • Instead, a warm compress will not only help ease the pain but also facilitate in opening up of the boil and assist the flow of pus.
  • Use a bandage to cover and prevent the spreading of the infection. This bandage will have to be replaced every day.
  • Maintain good general and local hygiene by washing yourself with soap and water.
  • Do not share towels and other personal articles with anybody as this may spread the infection.

Why Homoeopathy for Boils?

Boils occur and recur many times and every time it needs to be taken care of. Homoeopathy is safe and a permanent cure for boils. Using Homoeopathy will prevent further formation of boils and will make one?s skin healthier and less prone to formation of boils.

Doliosis D62 Boilex is a Homoeopathic medicament that can treat boils effectively. It works by targeting the root cause of the boils and relieves those painful boils wherever they may appear. It can be taken with ease, with other medicines, for all age groups. This medicine is natural and has no side effects.