Cracked heels cause a crack in your confidence while you want to flaunt your heels. Apart from the lack of aesthetic appeal there is associated pain in many cases due to deepening of those cracks. Further, there might be infections that occur due to deepened cracks.

Cracked Heels?

It is a very common problem that arises in individuals due to lack of moisture in the skin. People who are affected with it know the symptoms very well. Dryness is the main symptom, with rough flaky patches/skin on the heels which may or may not cause itching.

Why do we get Cracks?

  • Cracks mainly are caused due to Dry Skin which in turn may be caused due to a cold weather or person being predisposed to have dry skin.
  • Progressing age
  • Various skin conditions (such as Psoriasis)
  • Standing and using feet for a long time
  • Obesity
  • Being Diabetic

What can be done for those awful Cracks?

Though cracked heels may purely a cosmetic problem for many, it can worsen to a painful and a problematic malady.

The main crux of alleviating the problem is maintenance of moisture of heels and preventing the root cause (which might be due to mechanical stress or some skin disease as mentioned above)

There are many home remedies that could be used to lessen cracks which range from fruit packs to massaging with oils and petroleum jelly. As the main focus lies in moisturizing one?s feet, many people use a lot of moisturizers that aim to lessen the dryness of the heels.

The Homoeopathic product Doliosis D55 Crackocare takes care of the core cause of the problem and annihilates the cracks in the most simple and harmless way without any side effect. Whatever may be the cause, your heels are repaired by the intake of this Homoeopathic medicine. It is easy to take this product and also it can be consumed with other medicines.

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