Lot many individuals shy away to talk about one main problem that they all suffer from. It also becomes very embarrassing to use the washroom for a long time with no satisfactory results. Yes, we are talking about Piles clinically better known as Hemorrhoids. Epidemiologically, the occurrence of this disease is more than 10 million cases per year in our Country. Many people are usually asymptomatic. There might just be a mass protruding from the anal canal with no accompanying symptoms. The problem commonly surfaces up when these accompanying symptoms come into the picture. Patients face it as burning, itching, difficulty in passing stools and alarming signs of bleeding thereby resulting in seeking the advice of a medical professional.

Hemorrhoids are the blood vessels of the anal and/ rectal canal that swell up and may or may not protrude through the anal canal. Even though other signs (as mentioned above) may not co-exist patients might usually feel a mass bulging from the anal canal.


Medical professionals distinguish the type of hemorrhoid depending on the Location. There are External Hemorrhoids which are below The Pectinate line (that is covered with tissue resembling the skin) and Internal Hemorrhoids which are above The Pectinate line (that is covered with tissue resembling the intestine). The Pectinate line is the point that divides upper 2/3rd and the lower 1/3rd of the Anus. And Hemorrhoids are also located by hands of a clock.

The Cause:

Increase in the Intra-abdominal pressure thereby causing an increase in the pressure of the small vessels of the anal canal is the main cause of formation of a Hemorrhoid.

There are many factors involving the increase in the intra-abdominal pressure and they are:

-Overstraining at stools and persistent use of the washroom

-A diet that is low in fiber


-Being Obese


-Carcinoma of Colon

-A previous Rectal Surgery or a spinal cord injury

What can you do to prevent hemorrhoids?

Prevention is always better than cure as the old saying goes. One must include a minimum of 25-38gm of daily fiber in her/his diet. Most fiber comes from vegetables and fruits. Drinking plenty of water will ease the bowel movements. Daily and timely bowel movements also help and while doing so one must not strain too long neither must hold too long. Daily Exercise stimulates one?s bowels and regularizes one?s bowel habits too.

When prevention is not possible and symptoms have initiated, the Homoeopathic product Doliosis D38 Piles relieves these symptoms of constipation, bleeding, pain and itching associated with piles very effectively. This remedy has no side effects and can be used safely for chronic cases. It can be used safely on any age group without causing side effects and is easy to consume. It can be taken with other medication.