Pain is a part of everybody?s lives at some point or the other. It may be acute or chronic and can occur due to various reasons. Patients suffering may have different descriptions for pain. Some might call it sharp, stinging, boring, excruciating, dull, cramping, cutting, biting, hammering and so on. But, the ultimate description is that of the pain.

What are Pains?

It is a feeling of distress that is caused by a stimulus that is damaging. It can occur due to various reasons thereby leading to physician consultation. When the stimulus is withdrawn, pain might cease to exist but many times pain continues to exist even when the stimulus is withdrawn. Pain might even continue during the healing process. Pains are necessary because otherwise damage done to the body would not have been identified. Pains lasting for months together are termed as chronic pain.

Certain factors are known to reduce pain, they are:

  • Support emotionally
  • Hypnosis
  • Distraction
  • Excitement

Classifying pains?

It is almost impossible to classify pains because there are a large number of them but they are classified:

  • Depending on the duration pain can be classified into acute (Short-duration) and chronic (Long duration)
  • Depending upon the area affected (hands or chest)
  • Depending on which system is not functioning well
  • Intensity and time of onset
  • Depending upon the cause

They are further classified into Nociceptive (responding to sudden external stimulus), Neuropathic (Damage to part of nervous system), Phantom pains (pains occurring at the stump of an amputee), Psychogenic pains (Due to mental and emotional factors), Breakthrough pains (sudden pains seen in cancer patients) and incident pain (occurring in arthritis).

Pains can limit a person from doing his regular activities and reduce the quality of life.

What can be done about Pains?

Since there are varying amounts and types of pain, finding the exact cause of the pain is essential in order to treat the person suffering. Depending on the source of the pain it can be treated.

  • If the pain is due to an open wound dressing the wound and applying medicated solutions are required. If it requires suturing it must be done. Similarly for fractures. Fractures must be reunited.
  • If pain origins from organs it must be treated by medication or surgery depending upon the cause of pain (e.g. cholecystectomy done for gallstones due to pain caused as a result of obstruction)
  • Inflammatory pains can be treated with medication (throat pains due to tonsillitis)
  • Superficial muscular pains can be relieved with external applications and hot bags/pads

Treating the cause is of utmost importance. Only then the pains can subside. General precautions should be taken to avoid pain in any form. Eating healthy (Foods rich in antioxidants help to heal), drinking plenty of water (not only it will flush out your toxins but also prevent from conditions like cramping) and exercising (Keeps you fit) along with yoga and meditation (Makes you healthy in mind as well as body) will help you cope with pains more effectively.

Treating the condition

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