A perfect immune system is everybody s dream. A strong immune system means the best of your ability to fight and recover from many diseases or not fall sick at all. Immunity does its job of fighting infections and illnesses so flawlessly. At some point in time, the immune system weakens and an attack of infection surges into you and you fall sick.

About Immunity

Immunity is defined as the balanced state of the human body and having a good defense system to fight disease, infection or any other invasion of germs and also having a good tolerance level to keep allergies and autoimmune diseases at bay. It means having a good resistance power against disease–causing agents such as virus, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Types of Immunity

Our immunity is classified into 2 types:

 Innate Immune system is the non-specific immune system which is inborn that provides quick defense against any immune invasion.

 Acquired Immune system is also known as the adaptive immune system which creates an immunological memory after the primary

reaction to a pathogen and later after the same or similar pathogen attacks; the immune response is much more enhanced.

It is seen that kids get more easily affected by diseases and infections. This is because the immune system of the child is not developed

completely. Hence they are much more susceptible to allergies and infections as compared to adults. 

Signs of Lowered Immunity

 Reduced healthy food intake and lowered nutrient absorption.

 A lowered growth rate (Reduced height and/ weight as compared to kids of the same age).

 Poor performance at school and a lowered brain development.

 Weaker language and coordination skills.

 Falling sick too often and unable to recover from the sickness quickly.

 Fatigued easily.

Factors affecting Immunity

 Junk food is one of the major reasons for a lowered immunity in many children today. This is seen in urban kids and Junk food

diminishes essential nourishment such as vitamins and minerals that are vital for immunity.

 Adulteration in these days food is very common and this is also a cause of a lowered immunity. Due to adulteration kids don t receive

adequate nourishment required for a better immunity.

 The environmental pollution is also responsible for the lack of immunity in children. Due to the pollution kids turn out to be much more

susceptible to diseases.

 Leaving your children with a babysitter makes your child more susceptible to diseases since many children fall ill. 

Boosting immunity

Immunity can be lowered not only in kids but also adults. Certain steps can be taken to improve your immunity:

 Eat a healthy, nutritious and well–cooked food rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  A lot of kids (especially in the developing countries), fail to get the correct

amount of nutrients. Hence, the child must have food that is fortified with the requisite amount of vitamins and minerals.

 Exercising regularly also helps in building up the immunity and is essential for maintaining the overall health of an individual. For

children, there might be a concern of playing in the dirt. But it has been proved that being over hygienic reduces the level of immunity in

kids. Hence, let your children play around and be healthy. 

 Maintain a healthy weight

 Get good rest and adequate sleep

 Do not smoke. Also, drinking alcohol should be very limited.

Boosting your Immunity with Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is known to improve one s immunity and fight diseases thereby reducing the recurrences of any illness. This is done by

completely annihilating the disease and boosting the immune system. Doliosis D88 Immunoboost is a Homoeopathic product that helps

in strengthening the immune system and improves the body s natural defense mechanisms effectively. It is a marvel for kids with

recurrent colds and infections. It can be used safely for all ages, without any side effects. Also, it can be taken easily along with other