So many birthdays, increasing number of candles and those fine lines on your face surely upset you! Know that growing old is no easy task and takes a lot of courage to face challenges that get tougher day by day. But, you must boast your seniority as you know that you live it with vim and vigor. Do not worry about the dark side of aging and continue to live healthy and happy!

What is Aging 
Aging is a normal and progressive transformation occurring in an organism leading to senescence. It is the reduced ability of an individual to adjust to metabolic stress right from cellular level.
Various factors affect aging such as your constitution, diet, exercise, physical factors and immunity when exposed to disease-causing agents.

There are lot many changes occurring when a person is aging right from the cellular level. Noticeable changes are:

  • Slow loss of vision and hearing may occur as a part of aging which may need to be checked by a doctor. Precautions such as wearing protective equipment when you are exposed to situations such as blaring noise and very bright light.
  • A tooth decaying is a problem that might occur in old age along with receding gums. Regular brushing and flossing will help reduce the problems. Also, a biannual visit to the dentist will provide professional help for your teeth.
  • A slower heart rate and enlargement of the heart leading to problems such as high blood pressure and so on. In order to maintain a healthy cardiovascular health eat a healthy and a nutritious diet, get good sleep, exercise daily, stop smoking and don t take stress.
  • The skin thins out and loses its elasticity and the underlying fat. This is due to the wear and tear that is faced by a person as a process of aging. Wearing protective clothing, using sunscreen and protective eyewear while setting out in the sun is essential. Bathing should be in warm water as hot water will cause damage to your skin. Smoking does a lot of skin damage and wrinkling.
  • Shrinkage of bones and increased brittleness making the person more prone to fractures. For maintaining a god bone health intake of sufficient amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D will help. Also, daily exercise strengthens bones. Smoking only does damage to your system hence try to stop it completely.
  • Slowing down of your digestive system leads to constipation. Though there are many other causes of constipation, aging is just another risk for constipation. To reduce this problem having a diet rich in fiber, drinking plenty of water, exercising and not holding on to your stools will help.
  • Urinary incontinence could also set in as age progresses. This happens due to the loss of bladder control. And some underlying medical conditions could also contribute to it such as diabetes. Preventing incontinence can be difficult be it can be done by using the washroom regularly, doing Kegel exercises, avoiding diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol and so on. Avoid incontinence by regular emptying of your bowel. If the stools are held on to it can cause a pressure on the urinary bladder and further urinary incontinence.
  • A faint memory is also a common problem of aging and to keep yourself fit eat healthy foodstuff comprising of nutrients, exercise both mind (by learning something new or solving puzzles) and body, talk more to people to ward off diseases such as depression and say no to any habits such as smoking, drinking and so on.

Reduced libido might be a problem for many as the hormonal level changes. In men there might be erectile dysfunction and women might experience dryness in the vagina.

Aging modestly
Aging is a normal physiological process that cannot be avoided. Certain points are to be kept in mind to live a healthy life and age gracefully

  • Having a healthy diet is crucial for providing the individual with requisite nutrients. Though the number of calories required for an elderly person reduces, having the right diet is important.
  • With aging, a person might feel sleepier and is bound to sleep while sitting on an armchair. Hence adequate sleep is required for our seniors. Studies also show that lack of sleep per night increases the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Exercising has shown to improve the life expectancy in many individuals. People who exercise regularly are healthier and have lower mortality rates.
  • Avoiding any form of stress prevents the rise in cortisol levels thereby slowing down the aging process.
  • Stop smoking and avoid alcohol. It helps to prevent many problems (As mentioned above)
  • Trying to live a happy stress-free life retards the aging process. Hence live free and live happily!

Treatment in Homoeopathy
Doliosis D85 Aegodol is a Homoeopathic product that helps to retard the normal aging cycle. It can be used safely, without any side effects. Also, it can be taken easily along with other medication. Aging with poise is important. Aging is the attainment of seniority and is no easy task. So if you are a senior, boast your seniority!