The presence of corns and calluses can be infuriating and hurting. Corns and Calluses are caused due to thickening and hardening of the skin, in response to the constant mechanical rubbing, friction and pressure. These can be painful and aggravation is usually caused by walking since the commonest site for occurrence is the feet.

What are Corns and Calluses?

Although Corns are spoken along with Calluses, both these conditions are different.

Corns are characterized by a patch of hardened skin with a central plug. There are variants existing as seed corns that are a cluster of small corns that are painful under pressure. Corns generally occur on the tips and sides of the toes.

Calluses are bigger hard areas of the skin that can develop on the hands or limbs or anywhere for that matter due to exposure to constant friction.

Why do they occur?

The main reason for their occurrence is some form of constant pressure or rubbing the affected area. More attention is to be given to a corn/ calluses if an individual is a Diabetic, suffering from Cardiovascular Disorder or some Circulatory problem. Also if self-intervention is done in an attempt to remove the corn/ calluses there can be bleeding and / infection which will require immediate medical attention.

How do I prevent myself from getting them?

  • Buy shoes that fit you correctly and are comfortable. And there shouldn?t be any sort of uncomfortable friction while using footwear.
  • Avoid high heels and shoes with pointed toes or tiptoes. These are the main culprits for friction and thereby causing corns and/ calluses
  • There should be enough space for your toes to move while using any footwear.
  • Replace/repair your footwear often especially when the soles are worn out as this is the source of increased friction.
  • Try to protect your feet as much as possible by using footpads.

Treating the condition

There are various treatments that include trimming the hard portion (done by experts/podiatrists/medical practitioner), moisturizing, and using keratolytic agents to smoothen the skin or surgery if there is a foot/toe abnormality.


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