Insect bites are so common and occur almost every day all over the world. They are actually wounds caused by insects by either puncturing or lacerating the skin. It can take place in defense when the insect is disturbed or while feeding on humans. While biting, they may inject an irritant which is mostly formic acid.

It is said that more people die from insect bites as compared to snake bites.

What type of Insects Bite?

There are insects that cause painful bites/stings and they are fire ants, bees, wasps, hornets, bedbugs, flies, etc.

The less painful ones that occur are bites from mosquitoes, fleas, mites, ticks and so on.

Outcomes of an Insect Bite

Usually, bites are harmless and heal on their own. After the bite, there might be a little swelling, redness and itching in the affected area. Infection of the bite can present with signs of inflammation such as warmth, pus formation and pain. When infected, the person may present with symptoms which are flu-like with fever and palpable lymph nodes.

Insect bite from a mosquito by itself is harmless but the outcome might be a more severe condition such as malaria, dengue, chikungunya and so on.

There might be a severe allergic reaction at times and they might be characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

  • An undefined rash that spreads to the other surfaces of the body.
  • Severe swelling of certain parts such as tongue and lips
  • An extremely itchy skin
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Chest pain
  • Cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Fast breathing and rapid heart rate

Dealing with Insect Bites

Mostly, Insect bites can be treated at home itself. Only complicated cases will require medical attention.

  • First, move away from the place to avoid other insects biting you and do not panic as the venom spreads more easily if done so.
  • If stung by an insect look for the sting. If visible, it should be removed.
  • After this, wash the area with soap and water.
  • An ice pack applied on the bite/sting will reduce the pain and itchiness. If the bite is on the arm or leg elevate it so that the swelling is reduced.
  • If there is an increase in the severity of the condition it is advisable to see a doctor without further delay.

Averting Insect Bites

In order to prevent insect bites one must safeguard his/her house with nets or window screens, use insect repellents, wear protective clothing especially when going out in the woods or bushy areas and eliminate stagnant water if any in the nearby areas. Also, keep food covered because the aroma attracts insects. Protecting oneself is the key to prevention of insect bites.

Treating the condition using Doliosis D61 Insectocare

Homoeopathy helps in relieving insect bites naturally, hence this product is created for this purpose. Doliosis D61 Insectocare alleviates symptoms of bug bites such as pain, itching, and swelling. Insect bites from bees, wasps, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, horseflies and fleas can be effectively treated with the help of this medicine. It acts locally on the bite and reduces inflammation, eases pain and prevents further damage. It can be taken with ease, with other medicines, for all age groups. This medicine has no side effects.