Have you planned a get together in the evening with your friends after work? That?s great! What about the foul smelling sweat that has been lingering throughout the day? Many people encounter this problem and try to mask the problem with the help of deodorants. Deodorants don?t solve the problem but only mask it.

Our body has 2-4 million sweat glands that are of two types and they both produce sweat that is odorless.

What is the cause of foul smelling sweat?

Body odor is an unlikable smell given out by the body when bacteria break down sweat into acids. It is clinically known as Bromhidrosis or Osmidrosis. There are many reasons as to why our sweat is unpleasant.

  • The bacteria build up is one of the major reasons why our sweat has a bad odor. Sweat is odorless but on reaching the surface it is broken down by the bacteria present on the surface that releases such an odor.
  • Certain foodstuffs are also a reason for bad odor. We are what we eat, so if we eat foods that are strong-smelling our perspiration also smells strong. Examples of such food are onion, garlic, spicy food, fish, eggs, etc. Also, the smell of tobacco, alcohol etc can be excreted via sweat.
  • Also, foods that are not metabolized correctly lead to body odor. Culprits are sugary, fried and baked food.
  • It is said that lack of magnesium can give rise to bad odor. Magnesium rich foods are nuts and green leafy vegetables.
  • Certain medication may result in foul smelling sweat as a side effect.
  • The fabric that you choose to wear also decides the smell of your sweat. Breathable fabrics such as cotton, that absorb your sweat and let them dry does not let the bacteria to build up causing the bad odor. On the contrary usage of synthetic fabrics that do not absorb the sweat remain there and cause further build up of bacteria to break down the sweat resulting in the bad odor.
  • Not maintaining appropriate hygiene can lead to foul-smelling sweat.
  • It is said that genes play an important role too. Depending on your genes if you sweat more then there is more breakdown of the sweat by the bacteria leading to more smell.

Lessen your body odor with the following tips…

  • Keep yourself clean: Following habits such as taking regular baths and changing clothing every day and every time you sweat will help you combat foul-smelling sweat.
  • Replace your wardrobe with natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics only add to bacteria build-up leading to foul-smelling sweat. And always use washed clothes.
  • Keep yourself dry as it will not allow bacteria to build up easily.
  • Cut down on foods that give rise to offensive smelling sweat. Drinks that cause an increase in sweat (caffeine, alcohol) must be avoided.

Remember, sweating out does good for you by removing toxic waste from the body; but the foul-smelling sweat can be set back.

Treating the condition

In Homoeopathy, the product Doliosis D54 Odoclean is very efficacious in mitigating excessive foul-smelling sweat and prevents discoloration of clothing. This product has no side effects and is easy to consume. It can be taken with other medicines, for all age groups.