Managing cough associated with Asthma can be very unendurable. And many people don?t think that persistent occurrence of a cough could be a peril of having Asthma.

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory narrowing of the Lungs? airway passages. The passages react to the inflammation and narrow down the opening causing a great deal of difficulty in breathing.

While some people deal with a cough as a common complaint, others deal with an obstinate cough that just doesn?t get better unless they take medicines that are usually prescribed for asthma. This type of a cough is called as Cough Variant Asthma.

7 Reasons as to why it occurs?

The Etiology of this disease is unknown but there are triggers that can start of the disease:

  • Allergy caused by allergens (dust, pollen, dander etc.)
  • Food stuff that a person might be allergic to (peanuts and so on)
  • Cigarette smoke, Air pollution, chemical irritants, fumes, perfumes and any strong odor
  • Acute infections of the upper airway
  • Exercise also can trigger Asthma
  • Stress
  • Cold weather or change in the climate

What does one experience when he/she gets an Asthmatic attack?

  • Wheezing sounds which are like whistles and can be told easily by a Health care professional
  • Tightness in the chest and difficulty in respiring normally
  • Unable to exercise
  • Persisting ailments
  • Exhaustion from coughing excessively at night

How to prevent it?

The key to prevention lies in the avoidance of all the triggers mentioned above.

  • In order to avoid a cough due to upper airway infection, personal hygiene is the first principle to be followed, that is regular hand wash.
  • Covering your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing will reduce the formation of aerosolized particles and thereby reduce chances of infection to others.
  • Inhalation of Cigarette smoke
  • Keep away from exposing oneself from allergens such as pollen/ dust/ fungus, food stuff
  • Avoid inhaling strong odors
  • Protecting oneself from the cold weather
  • Yoga and meditation help in improving pulmonary function and better endurance from attacks.
  • Refrain from taking any form of stress

Treating the condition

Usually, if a person is suffering from Asthma, health care Professionals prescribe steroids and inhalers and ask patients to avoid exposure to allergens if known. Also, long term medications are prescribed to curb the number of attacks.

How long can one take steroids which are notorious for their side effects? Taking inhalers relieve symptoms for that particular time. But what about the long term benefit?

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