What are Kidney Stones and why do they occur?

One of the major concerns for patients suffering from Renal Stones is the want of knowledge as to why do they occur and what exactly are they. Kidney Stones as the name suggests are solid deposits that are made of minerals and acid salts which adhere in concentrated urine. It is also known as Nephrolithiasis.

Kidney stones occur as a result of an increase in crystal-forming substances (calcium, uric acid, phosphorus, oxalates, etc.) in the urine, more than what the urine can dilute. Also, there might be reduced substances in the urine that prevent crystals from sticking together, forming an atmosphere that is perfect for the formation of Kidney stones clinically known as Renal calculi.

There is no specific cause known for the formation of Kidney stones. However, there are several factors that are involved in the formation of renal stones.

Risk Factors

  • Familial and Personal History
  • Lack of drinking adequate water that concentrates the urine enabling stones to form with greater ease
  • Having excessive protein and minerals in diet or Calcium supplements also aids in stone formation
  • Obesity is linked with Kidney stones though there is no direct cause-effect relationship
  • Surgical procedures and Malfunctioning of Digestive system due to diseases retard absorption of calcium and thereby increases chances of formation of stones.
  • Other Medical Conditions such as cystinuria, hyperparathyroidism, etc.

Alarming Signs and Symptoms of Renal Calculi

  • A radiating pain usually from loin to groin that may go further down
  • Increased frequency of urination in small amounts along with difficulty in passing urine
  • Sudden colicky pains
  • Cloudy/ foul smelling urine/ reddish brown urine (tea colored)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fever with chills if it is associated with an infection

What we need to do once diagnosed with Renal Calculi

  • Drink Adequate water to flush out toxins and dilute the urine
  • Certain Dietary restrictions need to be made like reduction of vegetables and foods high in Sodium, oxalate and protein content such as canned foods(Sodium), spinach(oxalate), meat (protein) depending on the type of stone that the patient is diagnosed with
  • Watch if you pass any stone while passing urine

There is no surety that all the above-mentioned may work but they do lower the chances of recurrence.

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