Are you on your period? Oops! That?s a personal question, but we end up asking this as we see females in distress, pain and so on. What they are dealing with during this phase is medically termed as dysmenorrhea. In simple terminology, it is better described as a painful period.

What is Dysmenorrhea and why does it happen?

Dysmenorrhea is menstrual cramping and pain that occurs during menstruation and begins at the start of menstruation. It lasts for nearly 3 days and depends on person to person. Pains occur in the lower abdomen or pelvis, back, headaches, dizziness, fainting along with other symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea. Fatigues might prevail during menstruation.

Dysmenorrhea happens as a result of contractions of the uterus compressing the nearby blood vessels resulting in blood supply cut off for a very short time thereby causing pains.

Younger women who suffer from dysmenorrhea may not have any underlying cause but older women might be suffering from some ailment that is causing dysmenorrhea. Possible causes in older women are:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Adenomyosis
  • Endometriosis

Other problems that need to be excluded are:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Chronic pelvic pain

5 ways of dealing with Dysmenorrhea?

  • Drinking plenty of water has proven to be very useful in dysmenorrhea. This works by replenishing the water in the body, improving blood circulation and flushing out toxins.
  • Exercising daily has shown to improve menstrual pains. This is facilitated by burning out calories, preventing cramps and release of endorphins from the brain that are known for their pain relieving properties.
  • Eating nutritious food also helps by providing the necessary energy. Staying hungry only aggravates the problems by increasing gas and acidity that adds to the pains. Avoid gassy and processed foods.
  • Using a hot water bag or a heating pad helps in reducing the pain and keeping oneself warm also helps. It is important to be composed during this time.
  • Yoga and Meditation have proved to be of great importance in reducing period pains. Also, keep yourself busy with chores to divert your attention from these pains.

If there is an underlying disease it is better to speak it out to your Gynecologist and treat the condition.

Treating the condition

Doliosis D41 Menoson, a Homoeopathic product helps to relieve premenstrual and menstrual symptoms which include pain, cramping, discomfort, moodiness, depression and heavy bleeding. There are no side effects upon the use of this medicine. It is easy to take this product and also it can be consumed with other medicines, for females of all age groups.