People who share their beds with snorers know the pain of a disturbed sleep and so also snorers who are not able to sleep well because of their snoring. For people who haven’t experienced either of the above, it is akin to you sleeping like a baby without any sort of disturbance and suddenly there are bizarre rattling sounds which sound like an animal at times that can be really perturbing.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is the sound produced as a result of restricted air flow while respiration in sleep, thereby causing the respiratory structures to vibrate and hence the sound.

Is Snoring a Matter of Concern?

Unfortunately yes! It is a matter of concern especially to the one that is affected. Snoring firstly causes sleep deprivation leading to lassitude, inability to concentrate and fatigue during the day due to continued sleep disturbance.

There can be a disrupted breathing which can last from a few seconds to minutes which can be dangerous

Also, there are concerning number of increase in heart attacks and strokes due to obstructive sleep apnoea

Why do people snore?

There are a couple of causes of snoring

  • Obstruction of Nasal Airway due to diseases like DNS (Deviated Nasal Septum)
  • Relaxed or weakened throat muscles caused due to intake of relaxants such as Alcohol
  • Obesity is one of the major reasons in many individuals
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Anatomical defects causing obstruction of airway (Such as long Uvula)

What can be done to prevent snoring?

Usually, Health professionals will counsel to inculcate lifestyle changes especially if snoring is caused due to reasons like obesity, intake of alcohol and smoking.

Also, there are OTC Aids such as nasal strips and sprays, also orthopaedic pillows, dental appliances and so on that usually provide a temporary relief.

For long lasting and more of a permanent solution one can use the Homoeopathic Product Doliosis D9 Snore Relief Drops. It is known for its anti-snore and congestion relieving properties. It contains the requisite amalgamation of efficacious Homoeopathic remedies that are clinically tested and found safe for reduction of snoring. It can be used on any age group without causing side effects and is easy to consume. It can be taken with other medication.

So now, you can have a good night’s sleep and a very good, refreshed and an exhilarating morning!