Our lives have become very complex. So also our food stuff and habits. Man was created and he would do physical activities and eat natural food that was available in Nature and hence was healthy with lower levels of stress.
With time came advancements. Advanced Life making our lifestyle easy, advanced food and as the old saying goes, with all good things come some bad things; so there came advanced diseases too that are also known as lifestyle disorders. This is because of the cosmopolitan lifestyle, complex food stuff, etc. When I say complex food I mean food with additives and preservatives of all sorts which do no good to our body when taken.
If we have elderly relatives at home or neighbours, we might have heard this: Hamare Zamane mein sab Hatte-Katte Naujawan they, ab dekho sab bimaar bimaar rehte hain. (i.e. during our times everybody was healthy and fit and now everybody falls ill…)
Lifestyle disorders as the term suggests are caused due to our bad lifestyle coupled with other factors. Most of the epidemiologists reveal that there are 6 key factors that are responsible for these disorders which are classifieds under Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases. They are:
Usage of Cigarette and other forms of smoking
Abuse of alcohol
Inability or failure to obtain preventive health services (screening for various conditions)
Lifestyle changes (diet and its patterns, physical activity, etc.)
Environmental risk factors (Pollution, occupational hazards, etc.)
Stress factors
Our main aim should be to eliminate all the above mentioned factors to live a healthy life, but all of the above cannot be avoided completely. Hence we need to detoxify our body of the immense amount of waste that is accumulated within.
The Doliosis D1 Detoxifier which is a Homoeopathic Product does this job for us. It removes the toxins present in our body by enhancing the functioning of our important excretory organs that of the Liver, Kidneys, Skin, Blood and Colon which results in complete excretion of these harmful substances. When our body is detoxified there is a sense of wellbeing and being revitalized.
Each of the ingredients are carefully picked and combined to create this product for the wellbeing of humanity. The 5 ingredients that are included in the making of Doliosis D1 Detoxifier are essential in improving and enhancing the excretory function of our excretory organs as already explained. It is easy to take this product and also it can be consumed with other medicines, for all age groups.
Thus it is essential to have this product at your home and consume it, so that you can accomplish all that your desire. Because when you are healthy every task seems easy!